Elementary Students Enjoy Special “Field Day” Carnival

A group photo of students during Field Day


On June 6th, Lavelle Prep elementary students in grades 3-5 had the exciting opportunity to experience a field day carnival graciously hosted by Girl Scout Troop 5081.  

The troop is comprised of 8th and 9th grade Notre Dame Academy students who worked tirelessly planning the event, which would then qualify them for the prestigious Silver Award.

The young women decided to host the event for Lavelle Prep Elementary through a personal connection, and in wanting to help the school and students experience a special, fun activity.

The event featured bouncy castles, sports activities, a photo booth, and carnival foods – including fresh made cotton candy, a fan favorite. The food was generously donated by Jimmy Max, owned by James McBratney while BBopping Entertainment, owned by Catherine Kramer, donated the photo booth for the students to enjoy and make lasting memories. Kramer’s husband George and son Ryan volunteered to man the booth for the event. 

Students in the three grades got to enjoy the warm weather and fun, festive activities throughout the day, with two hours of play time per grade. 

Lavelle Prep Elementary Assistant Principal Jenna Curran explained that the students who got to enjoy field day had actually worked towards earning it for some time via the school’s point system which awards points for bring on task, on time, prepared, in seat, and listening and considerate. 

She says, “All students who reached their individualized academic and behavioral goals through the Lavelle Prep point system were invited to participate.” 

Thirteen year old Michaela Moore beamed about the experience while manning the cotton candy table saying of the students, “When they come up for cotton candy, the smiles on their faces is so pure and sweet, it’s just so much fun.” 

Girl Scout Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, 13, added seeing the kid’s faces was her favorite part, too. “My favorite thing was when I saw the kids first coming out of their classrooms cheering and jumping and excited.” 

The participating Girl Scouts from Troop 5081 were Michaela Moore, Julia Mercato, Grace Murray, Cassie Weir, Lizzie Fitzpatrick , Monica Greenberg and Mariana Mezzacappa.

Of the event, Curran said,  “Lavelle Prep is beyond grateful for this opportunity and collaboration. Highlighting the hard work and obstacles our students overcome is an important mission of the school, and everyone involved had great fun.”