Fifth Graders Take Part In Kindness Project

Two students doing their classwork

Kindness is a universal language and the students of Lavelle Prep’s 501 class are fluent in the art of spreading joy and consideration.

Over the past few weeks, the enthusiastic students of 501 have been working on the Mystery Prize Board created by Ms. Villa and Ms. Casertano. The mystery prize written on the board is covered by post-it notes describing kind and considerate actions to take in the classroom. According to Ms. Villa, the students have been participating eagerly hoping the prize will be revealed soon. Activities mentioned on the mystery prize board include sharing supplies, using accountable talk, helping out fellow classmates, classroom jobs being completed without reminders and many more.
“It’s made a huge impact on my every day with them,” shares Casertano, “seeing how excited they are every period working towards specific goals and encouraging each other to do the right thing. This could be altered to whatever type of skills your class may need help refining and I think every grade level would appreciate it. It has definitely helped 501 work together and I’m seeing huge improvements in their kindness.”

The kindness and consideration do not stop outside the doors of the classroom. In fact, the students of 501 have been eagerly spreading positive vibes throughout the school and hope to create a wonderful Lavelle experience for all.

Way to go 501!