Lavelle Elementary Students of the Month – March 2020

We would like to congratulate the following students who were nominated by their teachers for exemplifying the core values of Lavelle Prep Elementary. The work ethic of these students define who we are as a community and reflect the commitment to the culture we have worked so hard to create.
Thank you for being YOU!

Benjamin Suriel (301): Benjamin has been doing awesome during Distance Learning. We have been so proud that he has logged on every single day and submitted ALL work! He is trying so hard to continue his education even from afar. Keep up the great work Ben!

Calolyn Mulbah (302): Calolyn has an impressive focus on her work. She is always on task and ready to learn each day. She is being honored as student of the month not only for her dedication to assignments but her kindness and helpfulness to all classmates and teachers. Way to go, Calolyn!

Shammah Kataza (303): Shammah comes into Google Classroom everyday, gets busy working on his assignments, participates in class discussions, & follows instructions. Because of his outstanding work habits as a student, he excels academically as well. Shammah is a student who has exhibited the core VALUES of Lavelle Prep. As a result, his classmates see Shammah as a leader & someone they can count on.

Aubrey Santiago (304): Aubrey Santiago is more than deserving for being this month’s Student of the Month. Aubrey is being recognized for the student of the month due to her continuous positive attitude toward peers, teachers and whatever task is assigned. She is always willing to persevere through any challenges. Aubrey is willing to put in extra time and effort to make sure her assignments are completed on time with 100% effort. Aubrey is respectful to her peers by making sure to include everyone with her warm smile and nice comments. Congratulations, Aubrey!

Isaiah Wooten (305): Isaiah has been displaying superior work during his distance learning experience. He is so positive about the situation and also takes feedback well through our comments. Isaiah always logs on and completes all of his assignments each morning in a timely manner. He takes his time and shows his thinking through every assignment. Isaiah, can you share your secret on how to successfully conquer online learning?! We are extremely proud of him and we cannot wait to see how he keeps progressing with his work. We love you and miss you Isaiah! Congratulations on being student of the month for March!

Emily Murphy (401B): Emily is a role model student at ICS. She is always eager to help teachers and her peers. Emily is extremely kind, motivated, generous, and ambitious. She exhibits many of the ICS core values. I am so proud of all the progress she has made and will continue to make. Congratulations, we love you!

Carlton Williams Jr. (402B): Carlton is being honored for student of the month for putting forth his best efforts in the assignments he completes each day. He is a very hard worker! Great job, Carlton. Keep it up!

Anthony Stevenson (403B): Anthony has been doing an amazing job of his remote learning. He completes his assignments on time and has been excelling. We are so proud of his progress! Keep up the fantastic work Anthony!

David Muentes (404B): Lucas has been diligently working to do his personal best in school. He is always willing to help a friend or teacher in need. Lucas has been excelling at home during our distance learning period. He has managed to keep up with all of his work on google classroom and I-Ready. Lucas has also been a huge help and has been eager to virtually model his strategy for his peers.

Daysetta Zulu (501B): Daysetta has been doing an amazing job tackling distance learning. Even from home she still finds ways to stay in contact with her teachers and classmates, always checking in and making sure everyone is okay. Daysetta is up bright and early each day completing her work and engaging in any live teaching that is being presented. Daysetta is a hard-working student and always tries her best no matter what.

Honestii James (502B): Honestii is being honored as student of the month for her positive attitude and dedication to her assignments. She always has a smile on her face each day and she is a hard-working student that always strives to do her best both inside and outside the classroom. Keep it up, Honestii!

Armand Molleur (503B): Armand has kept a positive attitude during this time of transitioning. He began off on the right path by participating, helping those around him, volunteering for different jobs within the classroom and being an overall role model for his classmates. This behavior has followed into distance learning, where he has continued working hard. He’s determined to face problems head on and because of this mindset, he’s able to overcome any challenges that may come his way.

Ashley Pineda Canales (504B): Ashley demonstrates commitment to doing her best in all subject areas, takes responsibility toward her learning and shows initiative by looking for new ways to get involved. She seeks additional information independently about classroom topics that piques her interest. Overall, Ashley is kind, helpful, and respectful to teachers and peers.

Elicruz Barraez (505B): Eli always does his work and asks for help when he is struggling. He is always trying to do his best in everything he does. He’s courteous to his peers and is always offering a helping hand when someone needs it. Thanks for being great, Eli!