Lavelle Prep High School Students Get First-Hand Look Into Emergency Medicine

Dr. Hassan (left) and Dr.Youssef (right) pictured with Lavelle Prep High Schoolers

There is no teacher quite as effective or memorable as experience! 

At Lavelle Prep, we are driven by our belief that exposure and experience to the “real world” will inspire students to achieve their biggest dreams. 

On Monday, May 20th, the high schoolers of Lavelle Prep had a rare and informative look into the field of medicine— specifically the sights and science of an emergency room. 

Our students were joined by two of Staten Island University Hospitals ER doctors, Dr. Eli Youssef and Dr. Shorok Hassan, for an interactive presentation. Dr. Youssef and Dr. Hassan, along with fellow SIUH representatives, are on a mission to introduce young minds to emergency medicine as well as educate them on various opportunities in the field of medicine. 

On their experience, Drs. Youssef and Hassan said “We have learned that many young men and women in Staten Island have an interest in medicine and it is our hope to help them turn their dreams into reality.” 

Students even got a chance to witness and carry out a simulation cardiac procedure. They listened with great enthusiasm as the doctors discussed their daily challenges, diagnoses, and cases. 

“The students of Lavelle were a dynamic group,” the doctors shared, “They were enthusiastic and vibrant. We are excited to see what the future hold for them!” 

We are so grateful for Drs. Youssef and Hassan for their time and can’t wait for their next visit!