Lavelle Prep Students Collect 680 Items for Project Hospitality

In part of Lavelle Prep’s continued community outreach efforts, October’s food drive for Project Hospitality resulted in the collection of 680 food items.

Project Hospitality’s mission is to, “reach out to community members who are hungry, homeless or otherwise in need in order to work with them to achieve their self-sufficiency — thereby enhancing the quality of life for our community.” Lavelle Prep shared these values with our students, and through their efforts they have now made a significant contribution to the project’s food pantry.

Lavelle Prep recognized the homeroom cohorts with the largest contributions, and the contest winners were:

Class 606 – 96 items

Class 804 – 87 items

Class 603 – 78 items

Thank you to our students and families for your generous donations. We look forward to continuing our efforts in support of Project Hospitality!