Lavelle Prep Wins Sanford Harmony Award

Lavelle Prep Wins Sanford Harmony Award
By Student Reporter Callie Givens

Lavelle Prep was recently awarded the Sanford Harmony Award. The Sanford Harmony program is a social and emotional learning program that helps build stronger classroom relationships, and the award is given to recipients who push kids to work harder with all their strengths and weakness.

Both award recipients Mrs. Desiano and Miss. Bologna felt honored to be recognized and to receive this award. Miss. Bologna stated, “Mrs. Desiano and I both shared our positive thoughts on the program and how we find that its supporting students academic achievements.” Winning this award further demonstrates that Lavelle Prep is always willing to implement something new in order to help our school community.

Alyssa Belacastro, who is the Northwest Regional Ambassador at Sanford Education Programs trained Lavelle staff in the program over the summer. Less than one year later Lavelle Prep was awarded with Outstanding Achievement in Implementing Sanford Harmony.

The company said they awarded this to Lavelle because our teachers are willing to embrace all aspects of Sanford Harmony even though it was, “something new for out school.” When asked if winning this award was a surprise, Miss. Bologna responded with, “Because there were teachers from other schools, it was a surprise because we got the award!”