Lavelle Prep’s After School Program Expands Enrollment to include Elementary Students

Lavelle Prep’s current after-school program offerings have now expanded to include opportunities for elementary school students.

Similarly structured to Lavelle Prep’s current DYCD Middle School Afterschool program, two classes of 17 students participate in afterschool activities each day, at no cost to Lavelle Prep families. Eligible students who expressed interest in the program were selected at random through a school lottery.

Focusing primarily on the Dramatic and Visual arts, the Elementary Afterschool Program both fosters and promotes cooperation, support and respect through carefully planned instruction and activities in both drama and art.

Within the Dramatic Arts offerings, students receive instruction and participate in activities that include script writing, acting, creating and acting in short films, improvisational games, and creating scenery for performances.

Within Visual Arts, students learn to express themselves through art mediums that include drawing, painting, papermache, collaging, sculpture, and filmmaking.

Embracing and integrating a diverse student population in accordance with the ICS mission, the classes are low-stress, fun and meaningful for all students including those with special needs. Thorough these arts-focused experiences, participating students are provided with the opportunity to discover new interests and talents outside of the traditional classroom and curricula.

Lavelle Prep Elementary Assistant Principal Jenna Curran says, “”The arts are a wonderful opportunity for students to explore their creativity and become more self-aware of their individual interests.”

Because the design of the program is focused on confidence building and revealing new talents and abilities, students are willing to try new things and take more intellectual risks. With lower stakes as compared to their daily academic courses, it provides a relaxed and supportive environment while still fostering academic achievement and hard work.

Lavelle Prep hopes to expand the current program, enabling the elementary division to provide this opportunity for the entire student body of Lavelle Preparatory Charter School in the near future.