Lavelle Prep’s New Dismissal Time

Lavelle Preparatory Charter School

The Integration Charter School network of Staten Island has often advocated for innovative educational practices. This year, ICS’s Lavelle Prep Charter School will embark on its next chapter of innovative education with changes to student dismissal timing. Starting with the 2018-2019 school year, Lavelle Prep’s new dismissal time will be 2:40 p.m. (previously 3:36 p.m.).

Teachers will use this extra time to work with their colleagues to address the needs of their students and curriculum. We want to make sure that every student at Lavelle gains every available opportunity in and out of the classroom. With the new dismissal period, teachers can spend more time improving their lessons and classrooms to create the most engaging learning environment for the students. 

After much analysis, we felt that shifting this time would create a better product in the classroom as it would provide much needed time for staff to meet to find new ways to engage students in our program. This shift will also impact our after-school programs as they will now begin at 2:40. We thank you for being part of our family and apologize if this change causes any inconvenience.

For more information regarding the new dismissal time, please contact Lavelle Prep at 347-855-2238.