Let the Madness Begin!

Come one, come all to the Lavelle Prep March Madness Week! 

Students of Mr. DiSalvo’s After School Music Class

This week, from March 19th -March 21st, Lavelle Prep will be hosting a series of events to celebrate our incredible students, their talents, and achievements! 

Starting on March 19th  at 6:00 pm (doors open at 5:30pm) , Mr. DiSalvo’s High School Music Production Class will be holding their concert in the Lavelle Prep Theater. The students have been practicing and perfecting their musical skills all year long and are beyond excited to get a chance to perform for the friends and families. 

On March 20th, the madness will continue with Mr. Fackrell’s Advanced Music class holding a memorable concert at 6:00 pm (doors at 5:30pm) in the Lavelle Prep Theater.  a recent performance at the ICS Winter Wonderland Festival, Mr. Fackrell’s advances music class moved audiences to their feet. We are eager to see what they will do next! 

Finally, on Thursday, March 21st, Lavelle Prep will be holding the 4th Annual March Madness After School Showcase. The showcase will be featuring heartfelt, inspirational performances and presentations from the Lavelle Prep After School Program’s music, literary arts, drama, and visual arts classes. Student artwork can be found throughout the 7th grade wing of the school, whilst the performances will begin at 5:30 pm. 

“March Madness is a wonderful opportunity to see students’ talent and hard work come into fruition,” shared 7th grade team leader Meagen Moeller. “We are so proud and excited to see our wonderful musicians, artists, storytellers and performers in action.” 

Olivia Cunningham, a Lavelle Prep 7th grader whose art work will be displayed during the showcase said that she feels excited to be participating with her whole school. 

“I feel really great,” shared Cunningham “I finally get to have my art in something big! We worked really hard on it and we worked together. I think that was really fun!” 

Parents and visitors are encouraged to arrive a half an hour early to get a chance to see all of the showcased work and performances with comfort and ease.