Mindful Mondays at Lavelle Prep

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 70% of students in the United States feel that depression and anxiety are a major problem affecting themselves and peers. 

At Lavelle Prep, addressing the emotional problems is more than just a priority— it’s our mission! 

Integration Charter Schools (ICS) is dedicated to providing innovative pathways to college that fully integrate students living with emotional challenges and others with special needs. 

 One of the ways we address the emotional problems of students is with Mindful Mondays. 

What is Mindful Monday? 

Mindful Monday is a school-wide event where every Monday, teachers, staff, and students participate in mindfulness activities. Mondays tend to be the most challenging as students and staff are re-adjusting back into their weekday schedules after their weekend. 

Mindful Mondays invite both students and teachers to have a positive start to their week! 

“It is a great way to constantly ground ourselves throughout the first day back at school by engaging in a variety of Mindfulness activities.” Exclaimed Crystal Rios, ICS Wellness Coach.  

“The benefits of participating in mindfulness activities are endless; we are currently using it for settling in, focusing, energizing, relationship/community building, calming, regulating behaviors and emotions, etc. In addition, Mindful Monday serves as a way to build positive school culture and it significantly contributes to the current family setting that has been established at the school. “ 

We believe that our students deserve more than just the best educators—they deserve the best resources to become the mindful leaders of tomorrow!  

Through Mindful Mondays, students and teachers alike develop a focused and enthused mindset to conquer the academic world and their emotional challenges.