Homework Corner

In order for Lavelle Prep to achieve its goal of ensuring that our students are prepared for the college experience, we employ a rigorous, Common Core curriculum. During our Middle School years, students will explore the core subjects, (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies), through literacy and writing. Students who are proficient in both Math and ELA will have the opportunity to study Spanish. All students will explore the world of art, (Visual Arts, Drama, and Music), as well as the world of movement and physical fitness. Our Wellness curriculum focuses on providing the students with the tools to deal with the stresses that academics and everyday life brings on, as well as guide their thinking toward the college world. Finally, in an effort to ensure that all students are fulfilling their academic promise, we provide additional classes that focus on ELA and Math instruction, through widely acclaimed interventions such as Orton Gillingham, and a varying option of electives that provide an experiential learning environment.

For our High School students, Lavelle strives to provide an innovative and individual academic experience. We offer both Advanced Regents and Standard Regents diplomas, as well as internship opportunities with our partners in the community. Our students will work toward their Regents diplomas through Science, Foreign Language, History, English, and Math. We offer a rotating catalog of English classes from which the students can choose their path. Students will continue their commitment to the arts by choosing an art “major,” which will lead them toward the compilation of a portfolio of work. In the High School years, our Wellness program shifts its focus toward health and college and career readiness. Our upper classmen will be able to earn college credit through our partnerships with local colleges as well as through advanced placement courses. Our commitment to prepare our students for college and beyond will have given our graduates the opportunity to earn credit toward college, build their resumes through internships, as well as the ability to earn professional certifications that could lead to employment to help ease the burden of higher education costs.