John W. Lavelle
January 26, 1949 – January 24, 2007
New York State Assemblyman

John W. Lavelle represented the 61st Assembly District in the New York State Assembly, which comprises much of the North Shore of Staten Island. Assemblyman Lavelle was a former executive with Met Life. He was a champion for the poor and less fortunate. He served as a member of the New York State Charter Commission for Staten Island in 1993, and became Staten Island Democratic Party Chairman in 1999. He was first elected to the New York State Assembly in 2000, filling the seat formerly occupied by Assemblywoman Elizabeth Connelly. He served on a number of committees, including Government Employees, Social Services, Veterans Affairs and Mental Health, among others. Assemblyman Lavelle was known for sponsoring bills calling for the same benefits of those who died in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as those who died in the 2001 attack, and,for being an advocate for stronger gun control laws.

In addition, Lavelle spent over 20 years working for quality health care by serving on the Community Advisory Board for the Sisters of Charity Health Care System at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. He started a monthly recreation program for patients at Sea View Hospital Rehabilitation Center and Home and served as Chairman of the Center’s Advisory Board. He has also helped substance abusers get their lives back on track by serving as vice chair of the Camelot Counseling Center’s Board of Directors.

We are extremely proud that our school is named for the late Assemblyman John W. Lavelle. He was elected by the people to work in our democratic government where all people are represented. He brought all people together, from varied political parties and organizations, to serve the people of Staten Island. In representing us, he demonstrated civility in the courteous way in which he conducted himself. He continues to be a role model for our students and all who Champion the efforts of Lavelle Prep.