A Message from Our High School Principal, Dori Rexha

Dear Lavelle High School Community, 

As we conclude 2021, and break for the winter holiday, I want to take a moment to  express my heartfelt gratitude to all who help make Lavelle High School an amazing place to be.  We are a community with many gifts and talents, which we share daily with one another and  most important, our students. From the classroom, to our living room and all points in-between,  our collective efforts to raise the whole child are filled with passion, commitment and a  willingness to make decisions that may be hard in the present, but will have a positive and lasting  influence in the future for all.  

The holidays give us an opportunity to pause our busy lives and reflect on our proud  accomplishments. The season offers us a chance to say “thank you” to the entire school  community for all of the support that you provide to our students, our families, and our staff. 

I have witnessed our Lavelle High School community come together as a true community  family to celebrate and support each other, never losing sight of our purpose… the children. At  this time, I want to thank you for all that you have done and all that you will do in the coming  year. 

I am grateful to our wonderful, talented, creative, inquisitive, optimistic, resourceful and  resilient students. Often, they make us laugh, sometimes they make us cry, but always they make  us think. Most of all, they make us better. In the spirit of this holiday season, I want to extend my  thanks to all of you for everything that you do for our school.  

While the New Year will continue to bring challenges… as well as opportunities, I know  that we will be even stronger. We will continue to support each other. We will continue to  celebrate each other and take pride in the accomplishments of all members of our Lavelle family.  I hope you all have a joyous and special holiday season with plenty of time to relax and enjoy  family and friendships. Safe travels and warm tidings to each and every one of you! 

It is my fervent wish that each of you receives and returns the seasonal bounty of  blessings and good tidings that make these days truly special. 


Dori Rexha