Lavelle Prep Awards Middle School Students for Academic Excellence in Annual Commencement Ceremony

At this year’s 8th-grade commencement ceremony, we recognized the following students, who exemplify true Lavelle Prep leadership in both their academics and their character. As you move forward into high school, we thank you for your hard work throughout the past three years and are so proud to officially call each of you Lavelle Prep alumni.

Office of the State Comptroller Award | Antonio Padilla & Chloe Vega:
Students have shown academic excellence and the potential for leadership through involvement in activities that improve the school and/or community.

The Maria Solitto Memorial Student Achievement Award | Isabel Pacheco & Terence Parker: Students have outstanding academic performance and school leadership.

The Attorney General’s “Triple C” Award for Commitment, Character, and Courage | Aliyah Munno & Daysely Zulu: “Commitment, Character, and Courage” of New York’s hard-working students. While our state’s educational landscape has changed drastically over the past year, one thing that remains constant is the resiliency, creativity, and brilliance of our students, teachers, and school administrators.

Senator Andrew J. Lanza Outstanding Community Service Award | Janice Avevor & Peter Polyzos: Students are awarded for their volunteerism both in and outside of school.

Senator Andrew J. Lanza Good Citizen Award | Bryan Avila & Gabriella Santamaria: The recipients of the Good Citizen Award should exemplify kindness, decency, and a willingness to lend a helping hand.

Educational Achievement Award | Monia Barnes: Recognizes students that show outstanding educational growth, improvement, and/or commitment but who don’t meet the criteria for the Educational Excellence Award.

Educational Excellence | Emerald Lashley: Recognizes academic success based on grade point average, school-set assessment, and evaluation, and either state or nationally normed tests or teacher recommendations.

New York City Comptroller’s Student Achievement Award | Tyler Gittens & Anthony Ortiz: Recognizes extraordinary students who excelled in the face of adversity, both in the classroom and online. Students who made outstanding contributions both within and outside their school communities. Your nominees should demonstrate leadership among their peers, a commitment to public service, and a desire to create real change. 

Outstanding Attendance Award:
Asia Edwards, Tyler Gittens, Patrice McPhatter, Curel Smith, Sanah Taylor, Daysely Zulu

Team Leader Award: Monia Barnes

Wolfie Award: Dorianna Griffin

Star Performer Award: Patrice McPhatter

The following students have finished the school year with the highest grade point average in their respected subject:

English Language Arts: Aliyah Munno

Mathematics: Amanda Richard

Science: Sanah Taylor

Social Studies: Daysely Zulu

Wellness: Anthony Ortiz

Movement: Gabriella Santamaria

Arts: Selma Abughazaleh

The Principal’s Award: Gabriella Santamaria