Lavelle Prep High School Announces Class of 2021 Valedictorian and Salutatorian

As we near our annual graduation ceremony, Lavelle Prep High School is proud to announce our Class of 2021 Valedictorian Persis Moitey-Doku and Salutatorian Daniel Romero. On behalf of our school team, we congratulate these students on their accomplishments throughout the past four years. It is our mission to transform the success of our students today into becoming leaders of tomorrow. Through hard work and commitment to their studies, we recognize these leaders for their academic excellence with the prestigious title of highest honors. Persis will be attending Binghamton University in the fall while Daniel will be at Baruch College. Both students have finished out their senior year as members of the National Honor Society with grade point averages of 4.0 as well as Scholarships for Academic Excellence.

“[The ranking] comes down to making moral, ethical, sound personal, and educational decisions along with a constant focus on the goal of doing their absolute best,” Principal Rexha explains. “Receiving honors in the classroom and beyond clearly indicates that both Persis and Daniel fully understand what consistency and dedication can do for an individual.”

When asked what advice the honorees would give underclassmen, Persis emphasizes the importance of future planning. “Do things as early as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute to turn in your information, do your college essay, or apply for scholarships. Try to do early action, I know I was able to get better financial aid because I applied to colleges early.”
For Daniel, skill-building was the biggest takeaway from his time at Lavelle Prep “It is worthwhile to polish the skills that are learned in school or at home and through this can be used when in college or seeking a job. To be self-reliant, flexible, time manageable, or being able to think of a solution under difficult circumstances,” he writes. “Having a strong foundation can allow for improvement that can last greatly throughout one’s life past college as well.”
Daniel goes on to give tips regarding the college application process for rising seniors. “Knowing what school is best suited for is aspects of financial and social factors along with what financial aid to accept and what should be applied based on the situation on hand. Continue to improve your resume along with doing applications for scholarships, TAP, and FAFSA applications will be of great help in financial support as well. Before committing to a school, asking students or counselors from there can be of great benefit to see if the school is the one for the ideal education. What should be kept in mind always during this process is to ensure a positive return on investment. The investment for higher education will be worthwhile to what is being studied for after graduation.”
At Lavelle Prep, our teachers, teaching assistants, and the administrative staff goes above and beyond in making their students’ high school experience worthwhile with the goal of pushing each one to fulfill their potential. Our valedictorian and salutatorian thank the following team members for making a positive impact on their lives while attending our school:


Marilyn Leblanc: I want to shout out Mrs. Leblanc, she is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She always made time for me whenever I was falling behind.

Mrs. O: Thank you for letting me be her assistant in Geometry.

Mr. Ingram: Thanks for making me enjoy Social Studies. You have an interesting way of teaching that can make you enjoy what you are learning.

Mr. Disalvo: Thank you for letting me help with the Music Program. I really appreciate it because now I’m able to teach people how to play the bass.

Ms. McNamara: Because of your help, I was able to get many scholarships and opportunities during my process of graduating.


Marilyn Leblanc: Of the years being able to learn under the teachings you have taught, it was a privilege to have met someone with great motivation to teach in ways more than one tailored to help the class as a whole. Despite the cruelty you find to be entertaining placed on us, it was certainly enjoyable and of great help that will help me in the present and even more in the future. “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” —Japanese Proverb

Aydin Durantas: In the two classes you have taught and given the possibility to be in both wellness and for ELA for my years in high school, it has been one of the greatest reasons why I have been able to improve upon my writing along with being able to enjoy doing so. The importance of this class has also helped in determining which school I would go to through the help of my college application and advice given to all the students. For this even if it may not be worth much to say, you have my gratitude.

Jazmin Andrade: Learning Spanish in both of your classes has certainly made a great impact on my learning along with my life apart from school. As I speak Spanish, this class may not have been the most difficult but was one of the most lively in which the form of teaching you have was of good use to those who have yet to learn or already do. The enthusiasm that was present in each class even if it was kept quiet with work being completed, the short time is given for the class would be the only thing I believe to be regrettable but the importance of it never changed.

Felice Muller: Being this will be the first and last year to have ever been taught by you, the grasp of knowledge you had and consideration for the students is what will be taken as an example to follow. As for the interest I had taken in science since much time before, this class had only made my enjoyment for this study to be more vast, and will continue to use it even if it may not be my focus of study for higher education.

Aldo Rrakulli: Since sophomore year, being able to attend your class in the aspect of history was of great importance and interest I had taken. Even in the present, through the

the course of government and economics, my questions or pondering of certain topics continue to be unraveled and through your patience along with being humble is what can always be taken for consideration in many moments that can occur in one’s life.

Steven DiSalvo: To learning music through your teachings, my enjoyment in music and improvisation had been put into more detail and is given under these difficult circumstances each of us are in, you still have taken notice to what I have improved upon and to the best of your ability and teaching was I able to become more progressive. To then during the time I have improved my writing as well, my success and principles stand upon a foundation with your the influence that has set it to be more firm.

Kelly McNamara: As I have received much of your advice and recommendations, through what you have taught me and broadened my view have I been able to set myself to the

course I am currently on. The counseling you have given to all students has helped me realize how unprepared I was for the time that comes after graduation and through the help, you have offered, I was able to become more self-reliant. Though all things are not remembered of each thing that has been said, the importance and impact will be.

Christian Osmundsen: For the time of class given was limited, it was undeniably a great class to be in for the effort that you made present. With not knowing much of the difficulty for a teacher, the role of so leading to great admiration and joy for the respective students that succeed. With this, I understand a bit more of the great effort you have placed for students you spend time teaching.

Teachers of Lavelle: To all those that I did not have the luxury to be taught by and others I have met in school. The significant influence that plays a part in one’s role in life is becoming something more and through the planning along with actions to build ourselves. Even if it may be trivial for us that we do not yet see its value, it will not go unnoticed for a quote I apply to all is “A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.” —Ever Garrison. Apart from what is faced in school, each of us has difficulties in these tumultuous times that we learn to rise above, and knowing what each teacher has given us the chance to grow more becomes all the more in which the words of gratitude may not suffice but placing it as an example or principle through the highest commendation.

Congratulations again to Persis and Daniel as well as all graduates in the Class of 2021!