Lavelle Prep High School Class of 2021 Valedictorian – Persis Moitey-Doku

Congratulations to graduating senior Persis Moitey-Doku honored as Valedictorian of Lavelle Prep High School’s Class of 2021. Check out her concluding speech below:

Welcome, Lavelle Prep Family to our 2021 Graduation. I’m Persis Moitey – Doku, and on behalf of our seniors, I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to celebrate this memorable occasion with us. I think everyone would agree that this was an interesting four years. So many great memories we have shared, such as Six Flags, Hamilton, Movie Trips, Game Days, Sports Games, International Days, Winter Festivals, and best of all the drama. It’s really crazy to me when I look back at all the things we’ve done together. I definitely know that Lunch Time was one of the funniest moments I’ve had, like betting our lives so that we wouldn’t have to eat Bean Boozled. These past couple of years were really fun and it’s a shame that we have to say goodbye to so many beautiful and handsome faces. 

However, when there is good, there is bad and COVID was definitely bad. I know I gained about 20 pounds because of it and I’m ready to freshmen 15. Online school was the toughest challenge we had to overcome. I definitely know that we were in a dark place in 2020, but through the help of our friends, family, and staff we were able to push ourselves and now we are graduating. 

I would like to thank our Lavelle Prep Staff for the support you have given us and give a shout-out to a few teachers. Starting with Mrs. Leblanc, I had a tough time catching up in Calc when I came back from Africa. She was the only teacher who took time out of their day and tried to help my sister and I catch up, without us having to ask her. She is a reliable teacher who always goes above and beyond for her students and I’m grateful for having her as a teacher these past few years. I also would like to shout out to Mr. Ingram, he is always a joy in class. I feel like he has a unique talent for making kids enjoy what he teaches, and he is always open to hearing his students’ ideas. Mr. Ingram, I’m really happy that you were my Global teacher and glad that you now wash your rice and clean your chicken before cooking it. A big thank you to Mrs. Outraid and Mr. Disalvo, you guys have helped me further appreciate my passion for teaching and music. I now strive to become a college professor as I continue to teach the bass guitar to the youth of our community. Lastly a shout out to Ms. McNamara, I have been able to get many academic opportunities, such as scholarships and knowledge about financial aid. Class of 2021 we have finally done it, we are graduating! I know our senior year wasn’t ideal but I see greatness in this class and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Thank you have a blessed day.