Lavelle Prep High School Hosts Annual Friendsgiving Feast

In anticipation for the holiday season, Lavelle Prep hosted our annual Friendsgiving feast for the high school students last Friday. The afternoon began with a delicious lunch prepared by our very own teachers and staff in celebration of our Lavelle family. Much of our food was graciously donated by community partners, including Stop and Shop, Costco, Target, Brothers Pizzeria, Deninos Pizzeria and Gyro King. Afterwards, students were given a well-deserved break in themed classooms of their choice. “One room hosted a karaoke party, while another had UNO and other board games to play,” Souad Outarid, our high school coordinator, explained. “Some students elected to hang out quiety with friends in “themeless rooms” as well.”

“This was the first time in two years that we got to celebrate how thankful we are for the students we teach, who have become a second family to all of us! I am thankful that Lavelle continues to strive for excellence in each and every classroom, to grow stronger by our diversity, and to cultivate an open and positive school climate,” Principal Rexha shares. “During this time of Thanksgiving, I want to share my gratitude to all students who come to school every day to learn and to all parents & guardians for being such an important part of our children’s lives. You provide us all a daily reminder of why we are here and what is essential! A big thank you to our Lavelle High School staff and faculty who made donations and prepared the meal for our students”

As we finish up the marking period, we would like to thank our students for all of their hard work throughout the semester. It was our first year adjusting to in-person learning full-time since the beginning of the pandemic and our students proved themselves to be superstars in all that they do.

Below are some words of thanks given by our students, as well as photos and a video of our newest student body president, Artan Shaini, speaking on the event. Thank you again to our wonderful staff for all of your help making this lunch special for the students. Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!

“Hello everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast. Cause I sure did. It was like a cultural bash, Many cultures were there including the Albanian culture. The food was pretty good and I think everyone appreciated the time we got to just hang out with our friends. Overall it was a 10/10 and I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving.” -Artan Shaini (Lavelle Prep HS Student Body President)

“The Thanksgiving feast was probably the best one we’ve had. The food was great and the teachers did a great job with organizing and making sure everything was in order.” –Khadija Bah

“It was amazing! You guys made it super fun and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for everything!” -Luis Quezada

“Great! I enjoyed myself so much. The food was awesome.” -Endeliza Illas

“It was a great time to relax after the marking period ending and a fun time overall. I appreciate the fact that most of the teachers cooked the night before just for us.” -Jahmya

“Thank you for the Friendsgiving event! The food was amazing and it was a nice break from the end of the marking period. Thank you for all of the fun activites and taking the time to cook for us.” -Charlotte