Lavelle Prep High School Hosts Virtual Homecoming

On Monday, April 26th, Lavelle Prep Upper held our annual homecoming, inviting alumni to speak to students about their high school experiences and transition into college. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it was the first year hosted virtually, with over one hundred guests in attendance. We were grateful to have more than twenty-five ambassadors join us for the event, eager to mentor, tutor, and support our students in the challenges they may face prior to commencement. The online assembly gave undergrad classes the opportunity to hear from those who were once in their shoes, opening up discussion about the special place Lavelle holds in the hearts of those who have graduated. 

“There’s no other high school that would treat you like such a family,” one student shares. “Our teachers express their love for us through their continuing support. Everyone is there to help you succeed.” 

“Most of us have been at Lavelle since we were in the 6th grade. We are now 18 years old and still connected to the school. To some of the staff, we are like their very own children,” another says. 

“What makes homecoming truly special for Lavelle graduates is our team’s efforts and thoughtfulness across divisions, which are an important part of creating warm memories and special connections for our alumni. Many of the former graduates shared how they enjoyed the meaningful connections with our faculty and staff throughout the years. I join them in thanking each of you who played a role in building those bonds,” Principal Rexha writes. 

We thank our alumni coordinator, Michele Ciechalski, as well as the rest of our high school team for organizing and facilitating a successful event!