Lavelle Prep National Honor Society Ceremony

On June 18th, Lavelle Prep High School celebrated the induction of 33 members to the National Honors Society. 

We gathered on Zoom to celebrate the accomplishments of a great group of students and also to realize the impact that positive, caring, and meaningful relationships have on our success and ability to achieve. There’s no doubt in my mind that with the support of our team, our new inductees not only will find ways to enrich Lavelle High School but will all find a way for the four pillars, scholarship, leadership, service, and character to continue to permeate their lives from this day forward. The following students have shown the four pillars of what it takes to be a National Honors Student: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character.

Let’s congratulate the following students:

Adeshinaa Adeshuko, Kristy Anderson, Annelise Bautista, Samantha Calderon, Jaydon Cocks, James Esco, Anthony Garay, Steven Gomez, Ibrahim Kabia, Christopher Karundeng, Rosevina Keta, Moses Jacob, Brianna Martinez, Persis Moite-Doku, Isabella Moreira, Caitlin Murphy, Marieme Ndiyae, Kiely Newsome, David Olubiyi, David Oyekanmi, Jahmya Padilla, Alexander Pascone, Anthony Pietromonico, Isabel Santiago, Daniel Romero, Ariton Shaini, Artan Shaini, Jazmine Smith, Habiba Sylla, Alessandra Vinci, Kelvin Vivas

Thank you,

Principal Rexha