Lavelle Prep Students Crack the Case of Phineas Gage

This week, our 7th grade ELA classes at Lavelle Prep played the role of medical doctors, psychologists, and historians from around the globe while studying the many conundrums in the case of Phineas Gage. 

In their mock investigations, students recounted the events leading up to Gage’s accident, in which a large iron rod pierced his skull, as well as how it drastically affected his personality afterward. Each group was assigned to uncover the truth behind the well-known story of a man from the 1800s whose peculiar head injury has astounded researchers to this day. 

Led by our middle school teacher, Lee Poerio, the goal of this project was to observe the importance of understanding the functions of the brain in both the medical and psychological fields. “I had such a great time with them on this investigation,” she writes. “I can’t wait to journey with them again!”

Check out one of our student presentations created by “doctors” Saheed Dubadi, Emmanuel Olusanya, and Angelica Olivia.

As always, we are proud of the hard work our students put into their case studies! Thank you to those who attended our presentations!