Principal’s Address – Lavelle Prep High School

It is my pleasure and privilege to share in this celebration the accomplishments and
unique qualities of our graduating Class of 2021!

Graduates, please allow me to be one of many who salutes you for all of your amazing
accomplishments. You are a champion, and a scholar ready to apply the acquired knowledge to
enhance and advance this world we live in. You resiliently pushed through 2020 – an experience
that none of us will ever forget. You adapted to digital distance learning and you did it well, with
your heads held high. Though your junior and senior years may not have looked like what you
imagined, you thrived. You passed the expectations of your program. Your adjustment and
preparation for the future is going to depend upon practical skills that exist beyond face-to-face
and virtual classroom instruction.

Graduates, and all of you who are learners, leaders, and innovators: Go forth and learn,
because everyone should share in the freedom knowledge brings, and use that ongoing learning
to make your own maps and better address the challenges our society and our planet face with
character, leadership, scholarship, and innovation.

In a fast-changing world, the responsibility is upon us, all of us, more than it has ever
been before, to continue learning and growing. The phase of life you are now entering will be
full of experiences beyond what you can currently imagine. I encourage you to prepare for those
future hopes, dreams, and experiences; to leverage your youth and opportunities, to recreate
yourself in light of who you want to be. Day by day you will grow in mind and heart. Don’t wait
for your future to happen, create the future you want to live. With you, I leave my sincere wish
for a bright and happy future.

It is with a tremendous amount of pride and pleasure that I wish each member of the
Class of 2021 congratulations!

Dori Rexha