Spotlight on … Marieme Ndyaie

Esteemed Alumna, Lavelle Preparatory Charter School, Class of 2021

What did you like best about being a Lavelle student?
The school is close-knit. The classes are never too big and you feel like you can get to know everyone. The teachers know their students and understand them as people in their personal and academic lives. After graduating, I realized how much of an advantage going to Lavelle really was.

How did Lavelle help you prepare for college?
I was in the honors class and received a scholarship because of the attention I received from Lavelle teachers. They offered help whenever I needed it.

Tell us about the scholarship. (It’s OK to brag a little — you earned it!)
I was accepted into the Macaulay Honors program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and received a full four-year tuition scholarship, a MacBook Air, an opportunities fund for studying abroad, and opportunities for internships.

What are your plans for the future?
My current goal is to graduate from John Jay with a degree in Forensic Psychology. Lavelle helped me prepare for college and focus on a plan for the future.

Does anyone at Lavelle deserve a shout-out?
I’d like to personally thank Mrs. Kelly McNamara, college/career adviser, for being so helpful with the application process — and all the teachers who taught me through my Lavelle years.

Anything else you’d like to share? My classes at John Jay are going well. It’s only my first semester, but I like the new experience. It’s nice being in-person on campus and interacting with my professors and peers.

A word from Principal Rexha

“As one of her former teachers, I can attest that Marieme was always known for her hard work and commitment to her studies, making moral, ethical and educational decisions along with a constant focus on the goal of doing her absolute best.

It is our mission at Lavelle to transform the success of our students today into becoming leaders of tomorrow. It is with a tremendous amount of pride and pleasure that I congratulate Marieme on her accomplishments as a leader for her academic excellence.”